Stucorner is one of the largest website and software development organization. Stucorner is a complete Indian company which understands India’s development needs, and how they affect our unique place in the global economy. We provide services to over 20,000 professionals annually. With over 10 years experience in the industry, we are recognized as one of the leading experts in the design, development and delivery of technical and soft skills training - from individual courses and seminars to certification programs and full-scale training solutions. We have tie up with STERIA (XANSA), HCL, Sky Workz, Outworx, Green Ply, Unipatch Rubbers, SDG, Birla Soft, Perrot systems, Oracle and many other leading companies. As the student gets closer to finish the course we will provide the certificate and offers recruitment to the students into branded companies. We will give you 100% job assistance in IT branded companies.

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