Stucorner offers highly professional course in the fields of CCNA and Cisco networking. It is one the leading company’s which offers networking IT solutions in Delhi. The course and training modules are designed in a simple way to give a good overview of the concepts related to networking, installation, configuration and trouble shooting of issues related o these aspects. Stucorner strives and aims at developing the best network engineers and networking administrators. It provides updated knowledge and skill development in the fields of networking configuration and overall monitoring and maintenance.

It focuses on making the training programme field based and practical in nature. The teaching methodology includes interactive classroom sessions, with group discussion; application of the theory in the lab; the syllabus is made interesting and comprehendible by the use of CCNA ppf presentations. Therefore any person who is serious about taking up a career in network engineering or networking administrator should enrol in the Cisco CCNA courses offered by Stucorner.

After completing the course and training programmes the candidates will be provided with CNNA certification; which will help in fetching good job opportunities in the IT networking sector. Stucorner is confident that alumni of the courses offered by Stucorner are employed in high positions and a hefty pay package in reputed companies.

The CNNA training programmes aims at making the candidate an expert in the field of IT networking issues. They develop them into such professionals who can design their own strategies to trouble shoot numerous problems; the course makes them multi taskers and efficient in their work area. The training module is such that the candidates learn the practical application of the theoretical information they are provided. Stucorner also offers CCNA online courses for outstation candidates and for working professional; The online course material is well equipped to develop successful network engineers and network administrators.

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